Monday, July 21, 2014

Farmer's Market Adventure...

It's Saturday at 9:00 a.m. and the streets of downtown Downey, CA are bustling with vendors of all kinds... Sydney and I can find anything from fresh cut flowers to sheep's milk yogurt..

It's busy with families shopping for the freshest and most delicious fruits and veggies and we are on a quest to find bright red perfect strawberries to adorn our project for later today.

We encounter Ruby Farms specializing in all that is berries...yes JACKPOT!

Sydney selects the brightest of the bunch after sampling countless pieces... so nice of the vendor to let her do that over and over again and this is the face I get after I say NO MORE!

You really can't get enough of the festive colors all around, from the deep purple beauty of an eggplant and orange colored beets... juicy oranges and multicolored chile peppers


Our trip couldn't be complete without making a stop at the Pupusa shop (little pockets of "masa" filled with either cheese, beans or a combination of cheese with meat) hand made by the Salvadorian hands of Pupusas Salvadorenas.  We both got a nice refreshing Agua Fresca and went home to explore our strawberry project.

Last but most definitely not least...Candy Apples for the sweet tooth

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