Monday, July 28, 2014

Peaches The Unconventional Way

Peaches… so much to do with them.  A co-worker brought fresh peaches from her tree to share with all of us, so right away I thought my little Chef Sydney would want to make something fun with these.  There was only one obstacle… not much time to cook since this weekend was her annual Dance Recital in Downey, CA with shows to prepare for.

Her first choice was peach cobbler, as was mine.  However, given that on Saturday there wasn’t much time and we needed a hearty lunch instead of a luscious dessert we started weighing our options.

We settled on a spin to a Martha Stewart Grilled Peaches Pizza recipe (link to recipe below) we found on her website, simple enough to prepare for a late lunch or early dinner before heading to the Downey Theatre.

Now it is widely know that Martha Stewart is... well Martha Stewart Queen Bee of all things crafty, tasty, etc … with that said, I have to admit that we were going to skip the part altogether of making our own pizza dough.  As much as Sydney wanted to tackle that one, there truly was no time to venture in that direction given the fact that we would’ve had to do several takes.

We stopped at the local market (Fresh & Easy) and picked up the remaining of our ingredients; their ready pizza dough, along with some fresh mozzarella and flavorful prosciutto, which happens to be one of Sydney’s favorite snack.  

We start our adventure by slicing our peaches and grilling them for a couple of minutes on each side.  As much as Sydney wanted to be the one turning them over, I let her have fun with the camera instead while I did the hard labor on the stove.

We set the peaches aside and preheat the oven as directed, rolling out the pizza dough turns out to be a whole lot of fun and and whole lot of mess...

 Here comes the twisting of the recipe a bit.  Since our dough was not previously baked as in Martha's recipe (we're on a fist name basis by now), we needed to bake the dough for about 10 to 12 minutes prior to laying down our toppings.  We take the dough out of the oven and lay down our fresh mozzarella.  Since we felt it needed a bit of a bite we add some feta cheese along with the mozzarella for a tasty combo and we pop it back in the oven for about 7 to 8 minutes more.

By now Sydney the little Chef is super anxious to lay all her yummy toppings down...she starts with the prosciutto, then the peaches, and then the fresh basil.

At this point some good old shredded Parmesan or Romano Reggiano cheese would be great but what I thought would give it that final KICK would be some freshly shredded Aged Gouda cheese and so Sydney proceeded to lay it on top.

And so here it is, the finished product, just in time to get ready for Dance Recital after having a healthy and satisfying meal.
I recommend this delicious pizza anytime this summer!

My little Chef gives it a Thumbs Up!

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